Smart energy, smarter billing

Submetering Solutions

Full service solution for commercial, residential, and mixed-use unit submetering. We have a proven history of reducing energy consumption in buildings and the lowest admin fees out of the 30 licensed submeter providers in Ontario.


Proprietary Billing Platform

Less Work

Removes all the headaches from your utility payments and administrative work


Nothing hidden on the tenant’s bill, they see how much they pay for their own consumption


Easy to use platform for billing and payments, with regular feature updates.

Savings All Around

No Free Riders

Removes all cross subsidizaion

Lowest in Ontario

Charging the lowest admin fees in the province. We won’t be beaten on price.

Long Term Savings

Better hardware leads to maintenance fees, which further lowers upkeep.

Sustainability Focused

Consumption Reduction

Proven history of energy consumption reduction in buildings.

Multifacetted Meters

We can monitor electricity and water consumption, as well as leak detectors.

Less Waste

Tenants are charged based on usage rather than square footage, also lowers fees.

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