Smart energy, smarter billing

Submetering Solutions

Full service solution for commercial, residential, and mixed-use unit submetering. We have a proven history of reducing energy consumption in buildings and the lowest admin fees out of the 30 licensed submeter providers in Ontario.


Proprietary Billing Platform

Achieve More

Remove headaches with utility payments and liberate your team from administrative work.

Clear Costs

Enjoy transparency with itemized bills and fee breakdowns, providing peace of mind that you know what you’re paying for.


Intuitively designed, user-friendly platform for a seamless workflow.

Savings All Around

Fair Share, Fair Savings

Rely on usage-based cost distribution, eliminating cross subsidization amongst tenants.

Lowest in Ontario

Save with the lowest administrative fee in the province. We won’t be beaten on price.

Robust and Reliable

Invest in excellent, top-tier hardware for minimal maintenance.

Sustainability Focused

Trusted Insights

Reduce building-wide energy consumption with transparent billing. We have a proven history of monitoring and optimizing energy consumption in our buildings.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Applying a holistic approach to building efficiency, we offer more than just metering. Rest easy with our leak detection software, and various other offerings in our arsenal.

Mindful Consumption

Promote sustainability with monthly usage reports. Tenants are more likely to be mindful of their consumption when they know how much they contribute.

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