Savings Programs

Rebates & Inceentives

Find more ways to save on your energy bill, or qualify for financial rebates from the Ontario government.

Financial Assistance Programs

Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER)

Originally known as the 8% Provincial Rebate, the Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) is a credit automatically applied to residential, farms and small business electricity customers. Typically, this rebate is adjusted in unison with RPP Summer and Winter Pricing.

Effective November 1, 2023, the Ontario government’s Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) was changed to 19.3%.

Regulated Price Plan

The OEB announced that electricity prices for households and small businesses will not change as of November 1st, 2021 under the RPP. The winter TOU hours and the change in the Tier threshold for residential customers did take place effective November 1st as usual.

Ontario Electricity Support Program

Low-Income consumers may be eligible to receive a monthly credit on their electricity bills.

Low Income Energy Assistant Program

Low-Income consumers may be eligible to receive a one-time emergency payment on your electricity and/or natural gas bill